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Virtual Family Office Services

William Joseph Capital Management, LLC serves as the cornerstone of your virtual family office. We are an independent, fee only, investment advisory firm. We focus on recognizing and understanding our clients’ needs, goals, and investment objectives; allowing us to deliver proper solutions.

Real Estate

<strong>R</strong><strong>eal Estate</strong>

Are you planning a move? Interested in adding real estate to your investment portfolio? Buying and selling real estate can be a very tedious and frustrating experience. Our network of real estate professionals can help you save time and produce results.

Legal Services

<strong>Legal Services</strong>

Do you have the proper legal documents to ensure your wishes are carried out? When was the last time you reviewed your estate plan? We can work with your existing attorney, or we can assist you in finding one that specializes in the areas you need with. (i.e. estate planning, elder law and business law).

Tax & Accounting Services

<b>Tax &#38; Accounting Services</b>

Are you paying too much in taxes? Does your tax plan complement your investment and retirement plan? Did you know that tax management can have an impact on both the short term and long term investment performance? We have identified CPA’s that can help you analyze and potentially reduce your short and long term tax liabilities.

Asset Protection

<strong>Asset Protection</strong>

Are you and your loved ones adequately protected from events that could derail your goals? Are you paying too much for your existing coverage? Do you need help navigating what your Medicare coverage options are? We have identified strategies to help you protect your wealth. We do this through our Wealth Protection Process, where we will listen, educate, and analyze your exposure to the various risks that you and your family may face. Then we help you by recommending customized solutions that are unique to your specific situation.

Cash Management and Banking Services

<strong>Cash Management and Banking Services</strong>

Would you like to consolidate your accounts under one roof? Would you like to learn how to increase FDIC insurance up to $2.5 million while still maintaining the everyday banking needs you have become accustomed to? (checking, savings, lines of credit and concierge mortgage services)

Legacy Planning


Are you looking to leave a legacy? Do you know what you would like to accomplish but do not know the steps to get there? We can help review and identify potential opportunities regarding family governance, trust administration, and charitable giving and planning. We can use tools like: foundations, charitable trusts, donor advised funds and tax sensitive investing.

College Planning

<b>College Planning</b>

Do you have a loved one preparing for college? Would you like help finding the college that fits academically, socially and financially? Are you getting all the financial aid available to you? We have identified resources to help simplify the process as well as saving you time and money.

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. | (860) 973-3214